Akira Back Sake

Akira Back is proud to announce his new 15-Year Koshu Sake!

This handsome bottle of booze is Las Vegas’s most expensive and exclusive sake, priced at $5300 per bottle.

This sake pairs well with almost all of our menu items, especially the Big Eye Tuna Pizza and our Omakase menu. Check it out!

Fun facts about sake:

  • Sake is one of the oldest known alcoholic beverages in the world
  • Sake is normally drunk within two years of brewing and isn’t commonly aged. Akira Back’s 15 year is aged in a special cooler before bottling, which is extremely unique.
  • Sake is made from four ingredients: Rice, yeast, water, and Koji, which is an enzyme that produces mold.
  • Sake has a low acid content and no sulfites, and is naturally gluten-free.
  • Although sake is typically referred to as “rice wine,” it’s actually brewed more like a beer.