Meet the Team: Sommelier Yukiko Kawasaki

Yukiko Kawasaki is the sommelier working alongside Chef Akira Back with an expansive wine and sake menu. Yukiko has the ability to pair wine or sake perfectly with each creation designed by the chef.

Check out our drink menu to see what she’s curated for Yellowtail.

More About Sommeliers

A sommelier has many responsibilities, including curating the wine lists for a restaurant, knowing which wines pair with which dishes, maintaining the integrity of wines, ordering, and training. A sommelier at an exclusive restaurant such as Yellowtail has a whole other set of responsibilities with the inclusion of sake. Sake pairing is a whole different animal, and according to Yukiko, tastes much different in glassware than in ceramic cups, the same way sashimi can taste different when plated on different types of tableware. One of her biggest challenges at Yellowtail is pairing Yamahai and Kimoto sake, as these have very bold, earthy aromas and should normally be paired with a hefty steak.

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